Communication in Multicultural Society

Dear colleagues and friends, The deadline for submissions has been extended till 7th November given the high number of requests.

Moscow, Russia
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Participants are invited to make their own accommodation arrangements. There is a number of hotels available to different demands in the walking/short travel distance from the conference location. Here are some recommended options.

Intourist-kolomenskoe 4*  1 km walking distance from our university (next to metro station Kashirskaya)

Milan 4*  10-15 min bus distance (next to metro station Shipilovskaya

Deko 2* 4 km distance (next to metro stations Kashirskaya, Varshavskaya)

Electron 2* 3-5 km distance (next to metro station Kolomenskaya, reserve museum Kolomenskoye)

Duet 2* 2 km distance (next to metro station Kashirskaya)